“Upright company”, ”A Company that is awake“ ,”A Company that shares with customer“

Tae-A Industry Corporation is emerging as worldwide RTL(Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf) corporation based on customers' faith.

Production & punctual delivery of reconstituted tobacco sheet with customer satisfaction / Quality management of whole process for product quality improvement


Ingredient, Incongruent material,
foreign substance removal

Stock Preparation

Concentration, extraction efficiency,
beating degree, sanitary quality, ingredient

Sheet Forming

Moisture, basis weight, material,
concentration, sand, sanitary quality


Packaging distrubution and shape,
Pad, weight, final moisture


Moisture, basis weight, content ingredient,
HWS, Sand content, sanitary quality

Main category for product inspection

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Division Main category for product inspection Measurement method
Material Foreign substance (plastic, metal, string) / Inappropriate Autonomy inspection
Material (sugar, nicotine) NIR
Process Beating degree, concentration, moisture On-line
Meadow area, Lamination amount, Brix Autonomy inspection
Extract material (nicotine) AA, NIR
Product Moisture, basis weight, sand Laboratory
Components (5 components including sugar and nicotine) AA, NIR
Organic functions Organic functions assessment
Others Main physical conditions of reconstituted tobacco sheet including filling capacity, thickness Laboratory
Color, specifications, formation, pH, viscocity, fiber size Laboratory
Microorganism (regular virus, fungus, vermin) Laboratory